Problems in SD 2.1 beta

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Problems in SD 2.1 beta

Postby Leopjing » Mon Apr 07, 2014 9:12 pm

First of all to me, I like to play Speed ​​Dreams and i played the version 2.1 under Windows 64bit. Here are some errors I noticed .

When you create several human players, only the first to get short name, the other get "none" or "player" .

On speedways the Robots " usr " cannt drive , they drive everytime against the inside gang . On other routes it works to my knowledge .

At some times the cars arent on the ground, from the beginning of the race (show the picture at the end) , the front tires are in the air . the " MP1 " like MP Pears Aichi ( everytime ) or at some times American Monoposton or Sc-mf1 ( Supercar ) .

On Aalborg i have the annoying thing that cars stand out stand out with their front wheels ( Sc-mf1 ; Supercar ) and very easy to tip over sideways even at a slower speed . (Sector Zero LS [Favorite Car *-* ] ) .

And some general things :D

In the program itself there is nowhere standing a version number . It can stands under credits maybe.

And the robots are very silly at Speedway ... especially when overtaking . Usually they go into the slow-moving vehicles.

And there Should be a display or a warning Whenthere more cars as pits in the race .

The lights of the cars arent making light on the track... :D


PS . i used sometimes the google translator . And i looking forward if there problems or something else .
I dont know how to publish this so i put it here ^^

And BIG THANKS too the Speed ​​Dreams developer team ! Great work ! :))

[Edit: Forgotten the picture :D ]
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Re: Problems in SD 2.1 beta

Postby MannyX » Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:53 pm

Hi, people!

I just stumbled across Speed Dreams, installed v2.1 with extra tracks and cars & got instantly addicted to it. It works fine even on my old Windows Vista 2008 laptop (Intel 965 Express, Opengl 1.5).

Strange that a nice piece of software like this have an almost dead community & development team. No posts at all in 2014 on Speed Dreams Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages, current work-in-progress last update: December 2012. This forum also seems to be very sparsely populated. You need to promote SD better.

I don´t know if any developers ever reads this forum, but here is my short wishlist:

The cartoonish mouse cursor takes away a lot of the realism of the simulator during a race & since there is already a left/right indicator at the bottom right of the screen I see no use for a mouse pointer at all. Please add an option to remove it, or replace it with a crosshair & make it move horizontal only instead of all over the screen.

Traction: Sometimes it´s like driving on ice & some cars brakes too hard. The moving dots on the race track map (especially the yellow one) can be hard to see so dark borders around them may increase visibility.

Anyway, Speed Dreams is definatley a keeper, so keep up the good work.
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