Experience with Online Race

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Experience with Online Race

Postby Leopjing » Sat Aug 16, 2014 3:25 pm

Hi all :)

Last I Played the online race mod and now i have a list with some points.

First playing online over one Router is possible, it should only need the intern ip-adress. And i know the online mode are still in development. But here my experiences :mrgreen:

1. Bots cant driving online!
-If ki-opponents selected, the host and the other partcipiants cant select "ready", it is reset immediately.
-Bots cant drive. Only if one human player drive alone, in the onine race (other disconnect).

2. Changing start positions
-if the host changed the start postions, the ready selction arent possible (as in 1.)

3. No notification if one member disconnect
-if one member disconnect, it should notice out in the race list and the car should taken away from the track.

4. No chat :shock:
-a chat is very, very important!

5. Car selection
-often the car selection from the previous race, will load in the own race, in the race of the other members are the right car.

6. Difference cars
-If a car has selected that the others do not have a connection to the host is not possible. (I think its the same with tracks, but not tested).

7. Skin cant load
-only standard skin will be used

8. High speed at startup
-while running down 8 sec. befor start, cars have sometimes 100 km/h and more. I think this happens when pressing Throttle at loading screen. But even without. Often bots have this problem too.

9. Hosting crash
-after some host, SD crashs and only restarting solves the problem. Its annoying.

10. Hosting/ Joining crash
-after a few hours hosting and joining. The online race, was damaged. Its wasnt possible to host or join. After deleting "...\speed-dreams-2.settings\drivers\networkhuman.xml" or/and "...\speed-dreams-2.settings\drivers\curcarnames.xml" in the SD settings directory, it works again.

11. Differente Start/ End :o
-Sometime the start is different the cars of ur opponent is 300-400 meters away and you yourself are starting in this moment. No chance to win. Sometimes the ending ist different. In my example (show screenshot) it looks like that iam (Samuel) win and my opponent cant drive to end. But in his he win and i lose. The crazy are that i and my opponent have noticed nothing flashy. But generally there are no lags or something in the online race.

Speed Dreams 2.1.0-r5801

Grettings Leopjing

PS. Ask any question. :D and sorry for my modest english.
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Re: Experience with Online Race

Postby Haruna » Sat Aug 16, 2014 7:04 pm

Networking hasn't been touched for quite a while now, so to be experiencing these issues is normal.
I'm not an expert on it so I can't help you, but these are issues that the team knows about.
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