AC3D and Z3D - no good for blender users now

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AC3D and Z3D - no good for blender users now

Postby HyenaRacer45 » Tue Nov 11, 2014 2:47 am

Hello all, I have tried all avialable AC3D importers and exporters and found nothing to work with blender 2.6.9 which is the version for Xubuntu 14.04 LTS (my preferred OS, windoze is too much a nightmare for working with projects like Speed dreams). The Majik79 are a waste of time they are completely in the wrong format and i found a few others but don't work usually crashing blender the moment i choose a model and click import.
The current setup at least shows up unlike Majik79 due to a bad file. using the correct
from another blender forum resource atleast makes it show up but again major format bugs when tries to execute the script. and sticking with all the "correct" files results in either traceback errors "self.create" related
and matIndicename and then finally says object source mesh has no faces. or i get syntax errors saying pointer is not defined. i can send pictures if anyone can figure it out. But really I would prefer a program to translate AC3D files to blender formats and then back generating the acc file also in the process. Also need a program (prefably the same program to convert z3d models to blender format then i can go the same route blender to ac and acc for speed dreams. I have lots of cool z3d models i want to make as speed dreams cars, also this is kinda mostly for creating a new fork of speed dreams using ioquake3 as the engine for rendering (way more efficient handles more polys easier than current engine plus loads of cool features available) (ps I kinda assisted writing quake3arena's engine so I know a few tweaks that would work great for racing usage) Anyway so the z3d models are mostly for the mod-fork thing of speed dreams less then for just personal entertainment. But no blender usability with z3d (a windoze app). So any help is very much welcome.
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