Seeking good laptime goals

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Seeking good laptime goals

Postby worfsforehead2 » Sat Nov 22, 2014 3:15 am

Hey all! Not really a problem or fix, but seeking help seems to apply :)

I know this is a tough question due to the MxN problem of cars and tracks, but is there any kind of leaderboard or anything available, for knowing how good/bad my best laptimes are? Any semi-professional racing drivers ever laid claim to a car/track combo time I can aspire to match?

Currently I've been going track by track, trying to beat simplix, mclaren v. mclaren. Some tracks (Pinabashi) this is quite easy, and others (Corkscrew) is quite hard. Is there a general agreement that simplix's best lap times are going to be a "good" lap time? Speaking of which, simplix often flies right off the corkscrew. While simplix occassionally sets extremely tough times by managing to stay on the course, it got me thinking that the real challenge should be beating simplix/usr on the courses they were designed to race. Anybody know what tracks those are?

Anyways, racing is competitive, and I've been racing on speed dreams long enough I'm feeling competitive! I'd love to get a taste of how terrible my laptimes are so I can aspire to something!
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Re: Seeking good laptime goals

Postby Haruna » Sat Nov 22, 2014 2:40 pm

The McLaren look-a-like isn't really calibrated to run on any track in particular. You should try racing against them in either the TRB1 or Longday Series GT1 classes, or if you're feeling old-school, 1936 GP is fine too.
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