READ ME! How to post a car

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READ ME! How to post a car

Postby Haruna » Fri Aug 19, 2011 2:11 am

You should adhere to the following standards when posting your cars:

Car Name: The name of your car in the game
Directory Name: The name of the folder of your car's files
Car Category: The Category this car belongs to:
    Street = Street-legal vehicles of any type.
    Race = Modified vehicles specifically for circuit racing. Usually not street-legal.
    Off-road = Vehicles of any type that are specifically meant to be used on off-road tracks.
    Oval = Vehicles of any type specifically designed to drive on ovals.
Car Class: The Class this car belongs to (LS-GT1, RS1, LS-P1, Super Cars, etc.)

Power: How much power, in BHP, the car makes.
Torque: How much torque, in NM, this car makes.
Weight: How heavy, in kilograms (KG) the car is.
Drivetrain: Front wheel, rear wheel, all wheel, etc.
Weight %: How much weight is on the front/rear axles.

Put some silly/funny/imaginative/serious/whatever info about the car here.

You also need to attach a picture of at least 640 x 480 pixels below the Specifications. You don't need to do this for all liveries, just the base one.

You also must supply the car's custom sound file (if any) with the car.

Also, be sure to supply painting templates in .XCF (GIMP's multi-layer format) or .PSD (Photoshop's multi-layer image format).

Some additional ground rules:
- You need to attribute credits to original authors of your work, if the work isn't yours.
- No conversions of content from recent commercial game titles.
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