Fine-tuning of the cars

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Fine-tuning of the cars

Postby Th0bse » Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:12 pm

First of all, please accept my fairly poor English skills, because I'm German.

I just tried messing around with the .xml files for the cars (<Name of the car>.xml).
There is this mysterious section called "Engine", where you can change the settings of the cars engine, and the section "Tires", where you can adjust the settings for each tire. So, I'm asking for a detailed explanation of all the parameters inside this section, because I can't find a good explanation on the internet. It would be very good if you also would explain, what the consequences are when I change the parameters. And it also would be nice, if you could tell me if there are any rules to follow when adjusting the settings.

Greetings, Th0bse
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