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Re: American Open wheel master 2011

Postby jjsca » Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:51 pm

Hi guys.

Some great news. You should be able to grab this car from the svn (sf page on code section) very soon. I think the road setup is quite ok, but the oval may need polishing. If anyone wants to test stuff and give feedback, feel free to post here.

Radoye1 wrote:Looks awesome, man! :)

Thank you very much, it took me a while to sort the 3d of this car out, but I think it will be quite a fun car. Now we will need a few skins to complete the series.

W-E-C wrote:@GT3-cars: though i would like to do one, i guess at my working speed i'd be probably of not much use

Hi WEC, cool that you are motivated. Don't worry too much about modelling speed, the mpa12 took me almost 7 months to get sorted out. We need to get quality 3d models in SD right now so there is no hurry. If you want to make a gt3 car, it would be awsome! Just tell me which one you would like to choose (so that I don't make the same one).
By the way, the polycount is still unclear, but I would like to raise it to 16'000 polys (8 for the exterior and 8 for the interior roughly) for new cars. For the textures, you can use a 2048x2048 for the body, a 1024x1024 for the interior, a 512x512 for the steering wheel and use a separate one for the glass parts.

Thanks a lot guys and have fun with the mpa12 ;)

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