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Re: Change color player on the map

PostPosted: Fri Mar 06, 2015 3:10 am
by MiniJoe
If you build SD from the HEAD revision, you can try it now.
Change 'version' to 5
Code: Select all
<section name="Header">
        <attstr name="name" val="atest" />
        <attnum name="sky version" val="1" />
        <attstr name="category" val="development" />
        <attnum name="version" val="5" />
        <attstr name="author" val="" />
        <attstr name="description" val="" />

Then in 'Main Track' add 'original bearing' (degrees are measured from due East. Positive = counter-clockwise)
Code: Select all
    <section name="Main Track">
        <attnum name="width" unit="m" val="13.0000000" />
        <attstr name="surface" val="asphalt2-lines" />
        <attnum name="profil steps length" unit="m" val="4" />
<attnum name="original bearing" unit="deg" val="-100.1131990" />

You will have to (re)run SD2-trackgen afterwards. Give it a try with your test track.