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Tournaments ?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2013 10:10 am
by Dreg41
Is it a good idea to make tournaments of some sort , such as everybody tells their lap time and whoever has the fastest time wins ? :?

Re: Tournaments ?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2013 3:23 pm
by mungewell
It's been mentioned before, and apart from the 'cheat' issues I think it would be fun... No need to ask though, just start a thread and set the challenge - pick a track and a car and post your times (maybe also 'results.xml') from a practice session (and if possible a link to a YouTube video).

This would be a great way for people to see the racing line and practice their driving...

Re: Tournaments ?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 8:01 am
by Roist
If the threads can be categorized by track/class/ or some creative combo of the two, would be nice. Also included could be # of laps/best lap, method of pilot (i.e. Xbox controller, steering wheel, mouse+key, key only, etc.), assists enabled, driver level (rookie, pro, etc. not sure if this effects physics difficulty or not since AI intensity is in a separate menu), and type of run (i.e. practice, endurance, quick race, split -screen, etc.) and a notes for misc.

Example: (actual best laps I recorded)
Car: Track: Best Lap: Controller: Assist: Play Level Trans
Lynx Espie 1:46.275 Xbox 360 ABS/TCS Rookie Sequential
Basejumper A-1Ring 1:29.383 " " " "
Taipan Spa 2:38.600 " " Amateur "
'57 Black Widow A-1Ring 2:03.179 " " Amateur "

Just a quick example. I like this idea because I do this myself in an Exel doc for fam and friends for old Dreamcast racers (F1 World Grand Prix, Test Drive LeMans to note) and on Xbox 360 (Forza 2&4, RacePro, and many others)

Just a thought until an online multiplayer feature is implemented. Time posts, uniformed and cleaner, would be a nice thread. Maybe headed by Car or Track.