How to display dash infos on 3d steering wheel

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How to display dash infos on 3d steering wheel

Postby jjsca » Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:45 am

Hello everyone, I am currently working on an MPA 10 model (= dallara IR-05) and have modelled the car, wheels and I am now working on the steering wheel. I would like to know for the future how I should proceed to prepare the model for displaying dash infos on it . How would dev implement this feature ? Do they prefer no specific part but just draw on the parts texture or do I have to make a specific 3D part which would represent the area to draw on ? Even if this feature isn't available in SD yet I would like to prepare the models for it and maybe who knows maybe motivate a dev to implement it.

By the way I do have the same question for the car mirrors, what I did is separate the parts to draw on and name them MIRROR_R and MIRROR_L for a closed car the center mirror could be named MIRROR_C. Is that a good Idea ?

These two things would be cool new features which would add imersion and I want to prepare future models for it.

Have a nice day.

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