What is the technical difference from TORCS?

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What is the technical difference from TORCS?

Postby RockinRhythm » Sun Apr 12, 2015 8:33 am

For the past year I was working on a master thesis which involved developing a robot controller for Speed Dreams using a multi-agent based architecture.

At the time I had to choose between SD and TORCS, I decided to go with the former, because it seemed more maintained and updated. It wasn't probably the smartest idea, considering all of the academic research I came across uses TORCS, leaving me with little options for comparison.

I am now in phase of writing the thesis itself, and I have to feature a few concise columns about the Speed Dreams simulator, the reasons why I chose it and technical differences from TORCS as well. So what exactly are those?

I know there are a couple of physics engines available - SimuV2.1, SimuV3 and SimuV4. Are all of these unique to Speed Dreams? Is there any material availabe, that lists technical differences and changes between two versions? Or is someone willing to list them for me? :D

What else is there? Reworked robot interface?

Any links, topics, materials, manuals are much appreciated. Thank you very much.
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