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Re: Nordschleife

Postby simon-2 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 10:43 am

leillo1975 wrote:I saw that yesterday this track was included in the last trunk ( ... dschleife/ ) . I've also seen that it works with OSG, which it didn't do before, and the performance is not much better.

A few days ago I recorded a video testing the circuit with single-seaters. It's really fun:

whew- cool, seems that Xavier did some improvements on it..? You guys really make me happy, seeing this track is still liked by someone and even continued shows it has been worth the effort..

sebzaileu wrote:There's some file missing in the archive file, like and a lot of other .ac to generate the track.
Is there anyway to get those files or am I missing something ?


hi Seb,
the download contains the "cleaned" track, e.g. only the files that are necessary to play it, keeping download and and disk usage size reasonable (the ACs for objects are not that big, but xcf, blender etc... it all adds up).
If you want to continue work on this track, please refer to the newer version and contact Xavier for details how to continue- i could not check it out yet, so don't know if he did texture improvements only (case (a)), or if he also re-worked the geometry in Blender or AC3D -(case (b)). That case, re-generating would destroy all the new work, so you'd have to continue in blender too.
personally, i like the code-based map-driven auto-generated approach, but it's got its limits, and the hand-finished tracks look much better...

in case a), the track could be re-generated without major troubles, so it would definitely make sense to add more scenery and terrain modifications with the trackgen approach before going into blender; i.e. editing the object map and relief file and re-generate; so i should definitely upload these files to the trunk (or pass it over to the devs; i didn't ever upload anything to SF by myself). Otherwise, that would not really make sense. Xavier, what do you think..?

i also did some useful features for trackgen in the meantime (track-, border- or terrain-alignment for object orienation), should also be passed to the trunk. Maybe i should read/watch an introduction tutorial to SourceForge :oops:
but first, i have to fix some troubles with that pc :| :x
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Re: Nordschleife

Postby leillo1975 » Mon Dec 03, 2018 10:37 pm

Hello, I'm trying the last trunk (r6569- 12-3-18) and I found some problems in the circuit using OSG. I recorded a video:

In minute 3:57 and 4:12 you can see Mountain walls in the middle of the track. In minute 3:24, it seems that Speed limiter is activated when you pass across the cambered curves.

I found another error. Using OSG, if you select a Monoposto America Car and this track, the game crash to desktop
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Re: Nordschleife

Postby leillo1975 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 4:55 pm

I have an idea for modders. This track, Nordschleife, is close to Nuburgring track. Speed Dreams call this circuit "Migrants". In a lot of Racing simulators there are a variant of Nordscheleife that joins this two circuits in one. I suppose that if you are simu-fans know this variation of the track.
It would be nice if someone could join the two circuits in this way and call it something like "Migrants-Long" or "Migrants-NBR".

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